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Topical Courses

Faith-Based Investing

Faith-Based Investing

We’re excited to announce our new online Faith-Based Investing course, created in partnership with Denver Institute for Faith & Work.

This two-hour course is designed for financial professionals to assist clients in the practice of faith-based investing, aligning their clients’ values with their investment portfolios.

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Philanthropic Counsel

Open the Door to Philanthropy

This three hour, online course guides you through the foundational understanding and tactical skill set required to effectively incorporate philanthropic counsel into your client conversations.

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Missional Marketing

Serving vs. Selling

This two hour, web-based training course unpacks what it means to deploy a marketing strategy that centers on devoting God’s resources back to Him. You will learn to understand, acquire and serve your ideal client.

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A Theology of Money

A Biblical View of Money and Possessions

“A Theology of Money” explores the biblical doctrine of money and possessions, with special emphasis on using them to have an impact on eternity. With a view toward God’s glory and eternal rewards, it includes practical application and attention to the stewardship of money in churches, families, and in personal lifestyle choices. The central focus of the class is the Scriptures dealing with money and possessions. While this course covers stewardship as a whole, it has an unapologetic emphasis on giving.

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Principled Reasoning

Economic Theory Rooted in Biblical Wisdom

Jerry Bowyer creatively discusses the connection between God and a properly functioning economy, and the fragmented worldview we're faced with when the two are alienated from each other. Using simple, fruitful ideas and the basics of classical economics, this series skillfully illustrates the importance of God in any economic system.

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Developing Generous Clients

Maximize Your Client's Giving Impact

This four part webinar series is offered in partnership with the National Christian Foundation. The first webinar shares how to embark on your own giving journey so that you can lead clients effectively in theirs. The second offers critical insight into how advisors can best work with the team of experts at the National Christian Foundation to help their clients maximize their giving. The third explores how various planning goals can be achieved through charitable gifts of privately owned business interests. The final webinar focuses on how the current political and economic landscape affects givers and how the advisor can help to mitigate challenging environments to maximize a client's giving impact.

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