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More and more Christians are discovering the worldview of their advisor matters. In an increasingly commoditized marketplace, it is helpful to be able to distinguish yourself as an advisor that has been trained in biblically wise financial advice.

Through this self-paced, online study, you can learn the skills to help your clients connect their values to their financial goals and decisions. This professionally proven course has been masterfully created with outstanding faculty at work in the intersection of faith and financial services. Through short video teachings (lectures) and real-world case studies, you will be equipped to confidently handle the Word of God in the context of your daily practice.

This course is designed to work around your schedule, our program is flexible, self-paced and 100% online.

All sessions are taught from a biblical worldview giving unique and fresh insights into biblical financial advice.

You will benefit from the expertise of a practicing CKA® instructional mentor personally assigned to you.

Ron Blue
Lead Instructor

Ron Blue is the CEO of the Ron Blue Institute at Indiana Wesleyan University and holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company - now Ronald Blue Trust, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored eighteen books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown.

Adjunct Faculty

Paul Anthes
R3 Coaching

Mitch Anthony

Jerry Bowyer

Sharon Epps

Pam Pugh
Women Doing

Lloyd Reeb

Ken Sande

Jim Wise
Ron Blue

20 Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to CKA®
Module 2 - Training Methodology
Module 3 - Developing Wisdom
Module 4 - Understanding Stewardship
Module 5 - Generous Advisors
Module 6 - Generous Clients
Module 7 - Financial Lifestyle
Module 8 - Borrowing and Debt
Module 9 - Taxes and Insurance
Module 10 - Investing
Module 11 - Work and Retirement
Module 12 - Life Planning and Goal Setting
Module 13 - Decision Making
Module 14 - Wealth Transfer
Module 15 - Relational Wisdom
Module 16 - Leadership
Module 17 - Discipleship
Module 18 - Preparing the Next Steward
Module 19 - Client Conversations
Module 20 - Next Steps

Accepted for 28 Hours of CE Credit (max allowable)

Enroll now in the CKA® Educational Program

Whether you are new to online learning or have taken online courses before, we are eager to help you every step of the way.

Your first step is to apply.

The course is delivered in partnership with the Ron Blue Institute and administered through Indiana Wesleyan University. You will will receive a University Certificate from Indiana Wesleyan University upon completion.

$1359 Special Membership Bundle Price

$999 Price for Existing Members

Workbook and Independent testing fee not included.

Combined CFP®/CKA® Program

Ron Blue Institue offers a combined CFP®/CKA® certificate program. If you want to pursue the CFP® along with the CKA® designation, click below to learn more.

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The Demand is Astounding

More and more Christians are discovering the worldview of their financial advisor is of critical importance. The Certified Kingdom Advisor® provides a principled class of Christian financial advisors who have been trained in biblically wise financial advice.

We currently have over 1,500 Christians searching for a CKA® in our nationwide, searchable database of advisors every month.

The "MoneyWise" radio show, hosted by Kingdom Advisors President Rob West, currently airs on over 1,400 outlets and has a listening audience of 1.5 million people per week. This exposure continues to drive demand and recognition for the Certified Kingdom Advisor® credential.

There has never been a better time to take the training and become a CKA® professional.

Wall Street Journal
April 5, 2017

"It was the most valuable training to which I have ever been exposed. I began to implement the material right away."
Tim Jenkins, CFP®

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CKA® Educational Program?

A university-based, online, self-directed certificate course developed in collaboration with the Ron Blue Institute and targeted to the practicing financial professional who desires to integrate biblical decision-making principles into their practice and achieve the CKA® designation.

2. What is the CKA® designation?

A designation for the Christian financial professional who wants to achieve the gold standard of professional training in faith/work integration. This designation is gaining industry acceptance as the distinction that sets advisors apart to be excellent at offering holistic advice to clients of the Christian faith.

3. Who should take the CKA® Educational Program?

All U.S.- based candidates seeking the CKA® designation.

4. If I am not eligible for the CKA® designation, should I still consider taking the CKA® Educational Program?

Yes. Anyone seeking to fully integrate biblically wise financial advice into their practice regardless of their eligibility for the CKA® designation will benefit from the holistic learning approach for integrating the biblical truths learned into their client practice. For those desiring to view the training videos only without the case studies, scripture memory and quizzes, refer to the Core Training 2nd Edition.

5. Why is CKA® Educational Program university-based?

The move to universities delivers the academic rigor and national proctored exam needed to garner wider industry acceptance for the CKA® designation which currently has over 1,000 designees and received over 20,000 directory searches in 2017.

6. Which universities offer the CKA® Educational Program?

For 2018, Indiana Wesleyan University and Liberty University will be the first two universities to offer the program.

7. Is continuing education (CE) credit available for the CKA® Educational Program?

Yes, the program has been accepted for 28 hours of CFP®, IMCA and PACE continuing education credit (the maximum granted to fulfill two years’ CE requirements)

8. How will the CKA® Educational Program help me in practice?

  • Learn how to offer biblically wise financial advice that is relevant in any economy
  • Develop transferrable processes for decision making and personal convictions around values associated with financial planning
  • Understand the financial planning differentiators that exist when a biblical worldview is applied to financial decision-making
  • Bring more value to your clients by offering life counsel from an eternal perspective
  • Differentiate yourself in an increasingly commoditized marketplace

9. What if I have questions as I complete the course?

You will be assigned an instructional mentor to give you feedback on the case study and to answer your questions.

10. How much time do I need to invest to complete the course?

Approximately 60 hours.

11. How long do I have to complete the course?

Each participant will have up to 6 months to complete the course.

12. What is included in the course?

  • 95 Video Lessons taught by Ron Blue and other Kingdom Advisors Faculty (approximately 15 minutes each)
  • 212 Scripture Verses on money
  • 19 Case Study Assignments
  • 20 Practice Quizzes

13. Is there a course textbook?

There is an optional CKA® Educational Program Resource Guide available for purchase for $75. Consisting of over 200 pages complete with diagrams, illustrations, and ample space for note taking, the workbook will be a practical tool to utilize even after the course is complete.

14. How do I receive the CKA® designation?

  • Pass the CKA® exam - Upon successful completion of the CKA® Educational Program, the university will provide a certificate of completion which will serve as the indicator that you are eligible to sit for the CKA® exam. The CKA® exam is a 3-hour, proctored exam taken at your convenience online in your office or home. The exam cost is $199.
  • Complete CKA® application and submit the $50 application fee.

16. What is my financial investment?

  • CKA® Educational Program: $999. Testing and Application Fee Separate
  • Membership/CKA® Educational Program Bundle: $1359. Testing and Application Fee Separate
  • Testing Fee $199
  • Application Fee $50
  • CKA® Educational Program Resource Guide: $75