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FBI: Industry Leaders Forum - Virtual Event

7/15/24 11:00 AM - 7/15/24 12:00 PM (ET)

In this one-hour virtual event, led by Luke Bolton and joined by Rob West and Sharon Epps, advisors will:
  • Build relationships to cultivate community
  • Inspire Faith-Based Investing leaders with research and continued learning
  • Invite ongoing feedback and collaboration
This FBI: Industry Leaders Forum occurs each January and July, bringing together a world-class group of asset managers, thought leaders, and investment professionals. This is an opportunity to hear from other leaders, contribute to the conversation, and learn how attendees can participate with Kingdom Advisors in this space.
This event will include a presentation by Dr. Alex Edmans on "Rational Sustainability" - a conceptual framework that stands adjacent to and perhaps overlapping with the faith-based investing movement. Alex Edmans is a person of Christian faith who defines "Rational Sustainability" as the creation of long-term value by means of an investing management approach that recognizes diminishing returns and trade-offs, based on evidence and analysis. 


Kingdom Advisors Partnership Payment

1/01/49 12:00 AM - 12/31/49 12:00 AM (ET)