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Developed over a lifetime, this newly revised and completely rebuilt course features a wealth of information designed to help you effectively integrate biblical financial wisdom into client counsel. Organized in 96 short videos over 20 modules, this training will deliver the tools and best practices you need to help deliver biblical wisdom to both Christian and non-Christian clients.

This is training you can implement now

Experience transformational training that is relevant and practical. You can begin leading your practice and your clients toward Kingdom significance almost immediately. You will learn how to offer biblically wise financial advice that is relevant in any economy while becoming skilled at offering life counsel from an eternal perspective.

Earn CE

We know continuing education is important for career growth and licensure. Accepted for 24 hours of CE credit, this meaningful professional learning activity will let you earn credit while you learn the best practices of biblical integration.

This course is designed to work around your schedule, our program is flexible, self-paced and 100% online.

All sessions are taught from a biblical worldview giving unique and fresh insights into biblical financial advice.

You will benefit from the teaching of industry leaders dedicated to integrating their faith in their work.

Ron Blue
Lead Instructor

Ron Blue is the CEO of the Ron Blue Institute at Indiana Wesleyan University and holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company - now Ronald Blue Trust, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored eighteen books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown.

Video Faculty

Paul Anthes
R3 Coaching

Mitch Anthony

Jerry Bowyer

Sharon Epps

Pam Pugh
Women Doing

Lloyd Reeb

Ken Sande

Jim Wise
Ron Blue

20 Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to CKA®
Module 2 - Training Methodology
Module 3 - Developing Wisdom
Module 4 - Understanding Stewardship
Module 5 - Generous Advisors
Module 6 - Generous Clients
Module 7 - Financial Lifestyle
Module 8 - Borrowing and Debt
Module 9 - Taxes and Insurance
Module 10 - Investing
Module 11 - Work and Retirement
Module 12 - Life Planning and Goal Setting
Module 13 - Decision Making
Module 14 - Wealth Transfer
Module 15 - Relational Wisdom
Module 16 - Leadership
Module 17 - Discipleship
Module 18 - Preparing the Next Steward
Module 19 - Client Conversations
Module 20 - Next Steps

Accepted for 24 Hours of CE Credit

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Those needing to meet the Canadian Education Requirement for CKA® certification.
  • Persons desiring to integrate biblical wisdom in their client counsel but not eligible for the CKA® designation.
  • Members who have purchased a previous Core Training course and want to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Anyone wanting to earn 21 hours of CE credit.

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"It was the most valuable training to which I have ever been exposed. I began to implement the material right away."
Tim Jenkins, CFP®